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We help leadership teams develop the mindset, strategy, and execution plan that drives growth.

Stand Advisors' Growth Alignment Model, focusing specifically on three key areas:


Culture & Core Values

Strategy & Execution 

   Clarity & Focus


Resource Truth

Plan, Do, Check, Adjust

This assessment is for you if you’re looking to:

Double your current growth rate

Dramatically   improve ROI on strategic investments

Align & engage your leadership team

Leapfrog your competition

Challenges addressed by the STAND Growth Alignment Model INCLUDE: 

Lack of clarity around the vision     

  Team dysfunction    

Retention & motivation 


Uncertainty around capital and resource investments    

Too busy delivering on client work to focus on growth  

What our customers have to say

  Pierce Ujjainwalla, Founder & CEO of Knak

  This has been a game changer for our team. STAND enabled us to make important strategic choices that have significantly impacted the growth of our business.  

Nikki Pett, CEO & Founder of Sigma Promotions

  Our industry is very crowded and competitive. Not only did STAND enable me and my team to develop a winning strategy. The continued support gives us the confidence we need to take action.  

Bruce Alexander, CEO of RaymondEMC

  As we continue to scale. Getting my leadership team aligned & growing together was key. STAND provides exactly what we needed to achieve this.  

Created by business leaders who care about business leaders. 


Robert Rudy



  Rob has spent the past 30 years building and leading companies while developing leaders through inviting change, making critical choices, and achieving results. He has been an entrepreneur in a family business, managed in a public company, and has led privately held companies. Rob has worked in industries as diverse as textiles, lighting and medical devices, with global manufacturing experience, while partnering with global clients. Rob's focus is to engage and empower people to achieve company goals while exceeding client expectations. Today, Rob is following a passion, working closely with CEO's and their leadership teams by building highly accountable teams Doing so, Rob believes, allows companies to exceed their goals by taking smart and healthy steps to achieve great success  


Pascal St-Jean



  Pascal has earned the respected reputation as a passionate leader, visionary and advisor, whose ultimate goal is to transform lives and communities through the businesses & leaders that he supports. He has remarkable business achievements – creating and scaling multiple business ventures, all before the age of forty. Pascal has also been a strategic advisor to many other startup businesses in the Ottawa region. He has been actively involved with entrepreneur-based organizations. Since becoming a TEC Canada coach, Pascal has helped his 30+ clients achieve explosive yet sustainable growth which has led to him to become the only Coach to receive all 5 lifetime awards given by TEC Canada. Rookie of the year, Innovation Award & Coach Excellence, Master Chair & Chair of the Year. Pascal brings his experience as Founder, CEO, Investor, and Coach to the STAND Advisors Leadership Team as they help transform businesses and the lives of those who work there.  

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