Leapfrog the competition.

Most companies set goals and call it a game plan. Using the Playing to Win strategy model (Lafley & Martin), we will show you how to grow your business & win in your marketplace. 

We help leadership teams develop the mindset, strategy, and execution plan that drives results.


Culture & Core Values

Strategy & Execution

Clarity & Focus

Resource Truth

Plan, Do, Check, Adjust

Bruce Alexander, CEO of Raymond EMC

" As we continue to scale. Getting my leadership team aligned & growing together was key. STAND provides exactly what we needed to achieve this."

  Nikki Pett, CEO of Sigma Promotions

" Our industry is very crowded and competitive. Not only did STAND enable me and my team to develop a winning strategy. The continued support gives us the confidence we need to take action. "

  Pierce Ujjainwalla, CEO of Knak

"This has been a game changer for our team. STAND enabled us to make important strategic choices that have significantly impacted the growth of our business."

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